Vegas Casino Introduces Hand Held Gambling Devices

EDeck CasinoIn a move that many feel is akin to online gambling, a Las Vegas bricks and mortar casino will allow its customers to wager on sports without having to physically make their way to the sportsbettors in Vegas.

Using a handheld device, players at the M Resort will be able to perform in-game sports betting which essentially allows them to add new bets or change existing ones as the game progresses.

In addition, players will be able to enjoy quality casino games such as blackjack and baccarat from these units.

The device, known as an EDeck, and developed by Cantor Gaming, allows players to use an account to gamble with throughout the casino, without the need for them to make their way to the games on the casino floor.

Sunny Tara, speaking for Cantor Gaming said: “The portable devices are sophisticated, but they really are just tools to access the real technology, which sits on the servers.”

The new EDecks are as close to online gambling as US regulation will allow in Las Vegas at present.

The M Resort and Spa Casino boasts 92,000 square feet of gaming opportunities, including nearly 2000 slots and video poker machines, 65 gaming tables and lots more.

Players who are familiar with wagering online through their cell phones will find that the new EDeck devices are employed in practically the same way, providing endless gaming opportunities.

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