Online Slots Strategy

Of all the games present in online casinos, slot based games are usually the most flashy. The amount of thrill and excitement associated with watching the numbers and symbols roll by as you wait for them to snap to a stop is also difficult to match. While these games can be fun and exciting, you should understand that there is no skill whatsoever in the actual playing of a slot based game. Every outcome is determined by the simple act of luck.

Even though luck is the only factor in the play of slot based games, familiarizing yourself with the play of each game and forgetting the myths that so often invade these types of games can go a long way in increasing the chances that you will walk away with some extra cash. There is no strategy associated with the play of slots to win large amounts of money. However, there is strategy is the avoidance of serious loss. Slots tournaments have their unique strategy, find more on slots tournament tips.

Playing the Game

Slot machines are very simple to play. You make your wager and set the bars spinning. In online casinos this requires a series of clicks. However, with each different slot game there are different rules and ways to make bets that can affect your winnings or losses. You may place bets on several factors that include each line, row or symbol that will be calculated when the bars stop spinning.

When you have finished your wager, you simple press the spin button and wait for each bar to come to a complete stop. When this happens, the specific rules of each game go into effect to determine your winnings or lack there of. Some games include symbols that act as any symbol and can be used by the game to determine the results of any or all wagers. The amount of money (or credits, coins, etc.) that you wagered at the beginning will ultimately determine your final winnings.

The Buttons

Knowing what each button does when using slot machines online is important to making smart and reliable bets. Common buttons include:

Bet Max: This button will place the largest bet allowable on a single spin.
All Lines: By pressing this button, a bet is placed on each line on the screen. In order to be a smart wager, this wager should be a small one.
Hold: Some games let the player take an extra spin on the same credit. This button will keep one symbol or row in place while the others spin.
Bet Per Line: This or these button(s) are what you push to place a wager on each line.

Types of Slot Games

When you choose a slot based game, you should understand which of the two types it is to make sure you know how much you stand to win in the event of a jackpot. Playing games with the second type (progressive) can be a big incentive as the jackpot grows over time.

Non-Progressive: The jackpot on these slot games is fixed. This means that the jackpot will award the same amount of money no matter how many times it is won. As a general rule, the chance that you will win the jackpot is much higher on these games than on the second type.

Progressive: The jackpot on these games is determined by how long it has been since the jackpot has been won and how much money has been wagered on the machine. Once the jackpot is won, the original number is reset. As jackpots on these machines can exceed $3 million dollars, many people enjoy trying their luck.

Basic Strategy

As stated before, there is no strategy to winning large amounts of money. You cannot increase your chances of winning any sum of money. That being said, you should keep a few tips in mind to help control losses and help come out on top over the long run.

Be familiar with the Game: You should know exactly how the game works before setting your first wager. Know the minimum and maximum bets that you can place and how much you stand to win when each pattern appears.

Stick to Your Budget: Decide how much money you can afford to play before even starting. Do not bet money to make money. A much better strategy is to decide how much an hour of entertainment is worth. If you decide that it is worth $20, plan on betting $20 over the period of an hour.

Be Aware: Do not gamble when you are drunk or tired. There is a reason that most casinos have liquor licenses. If you are fatigued or impaired, you could risk rushing your bets or making poor decisions. If this is the case, your bank account could be in as rough of shape as you in the morning.

Make the right bet: If you are playing non-progressive slot games, there is little benefit to placing large bets that cover all of the lines. You may not win as much money but you will almost certainly not lose as much as with all line large bets. If you are playing progressive slot games, make a bet on each line. It will be heart breaking to win the jackpot on a line on which you did not bet.

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