Using VISA and MasterCard

Credit cards are by far the most popular deposit method for casino players. They are fast, simple and reliable. Many players prefer credit cards simply because of familiarity with the process, since it is very much like any other online credit card transaction. Visa is the most accepted credit card by casinos on the web, followed by MasterCard then American Express. See our list of reputable casino sites below that accept Visa and MasterCard.

Casinos that Accept VISA & MasterCard
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VISA and MasterCard Deposit Review
Many players find that credit card casino deposits are a great option for micro limits and the low-limit players are very satisfied with this option. There is no particular criterion to play and many players can benefit from this deposit option. The low minimums make this deposit choice one of the best around. At no cost to you, you are able to use your credit card or ATM card that is linked to your personal bank account. This is an astounding option to low-limit players and players of all levels.

If you do not have a Visa or MasterCard but are interested in getting one, we recommend just visiting their website at or to sign-up. Once you receive your Visa or MasterCard credit card you can open an account at any of the casinos we list above, make a deposit, and start playing your favorite games.

How it Works

If you shop online, you will completely understand the process. By entering all of your credit card information, your credit card will be verified and you will be ready to play casino instantaneously. It is very user friendly. There will be no processing fee for your deposit. Everyone has specific terms for their personal credits, please keep this in mind.


Some of us cannot remember when credit cards were not an option to purchase just about anything you want, but as far as casinos on the net, many sites may not allow a credit card to go through due to blocks. It is wise to use an ATM card if possible to use our credit card/ATM option. Small banks are more willing to put up the money for online casino sites. That being said does not rule out all credit card companies, you may want to call before trying. There may be steps you can take to release the block.

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