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Odds On Software was launched in 1998 and was the initial name of the company we all now know as Vegas Tech. When the company began operating, the focus was to design software for e-cash processing. The company took a new route when online gambling started to become popular. Seeing the opportunity for growth, Odds On entered into the gaming industry and began to develop casino games for some of the top casino sites.

The Name Changes to Vegas Tech

When Odds On made the decision to break into the online gaming industry, a name change was in order. The company began to go by the name of Vegas Technology. This name let consumers know what the company is all about. Since the primary focus had shifted from e-cash management to software design for online casinos, this was the perfect name choice. The goal was to alert consumers that the company would now be developing Vegas-style casino software.

When online casinos first began to become popular, most of the casinos were owned and operated by the software companies that developed the games. Vegas Technology took a different approach to things. The company placed their focus on the development of top software and designing new casino games that would attract players. This alternative approach allowed the casino owners to have a better relationship with Vegas Tech. The company was seen as a provided instead of a competitor.

Gaming in Vegas Technology Casinos

Vegas tech is now one of the leaders in the industry, providing online casinos with more than 100 casino games. The company focuses on the development of slot machines and is well known for hosting many slot tournaments. The action is any casino that is powered by Vegas Tech software is nearly flawless. All of the games run smoothly and offer some of the best graphics and sounds available. Many of the games offer players the choice of downloading or playing through a browser. This is not common in the world of online gaming. Many casinos have players download the game before they are able to play. The selection of games being offered by Vegas Tech is always changing. Players will be sure to get into the action of the newest games available.

Odds On and Vegas tech still remain one in the same, but the industry simply refers to the company as Vegas Tech. This software developer has created some of the best games in online casinos. The games include Table and Card games, Progressive Jackpot games, Video Poker and a huge assortment of slot games. Each game has a unique feature. This could be a simple thing such as a theme or something more advanced like multiple bonus rounds.

Vegas Tech is now a respected software developer. The games from the company are featured in many online casinos around the world. Some of the most popular slot games by Vegas Tech include The Right Prize, Reel Deal, Wheel of Chance and Lucky Lady. Vegas Tech games are known by players to provide endless excitement and entertainment.

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