Support growing for Ozarks casino in Missouri

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Attempts to bring a commercial casino to the Lakes of the Ozarks region of Missouri continue to gain support locally.

Earlier this week the Miller County Commission, which represents the eastern side of the Ozarks Lake unanimously approved a resolution to support casino development in the region. The resolution from the Commission came a week after the City of Lake Ozark’s Board of Aldermen also voted unanimously to approve casino development.

What is Ozarks casino in Missouri intended to be?

The casino push is being led by a local group call Osage River Gaming, who are calling for a 2024 statewide gaming referendum to put approval of casino gaming in the region on the ballot. Osage River Gaming wants to build a casino on the Osage River south of the Osage National Golf Course. According to reports Bally’s is the tentative development partner and would operate the casino and share revenue with Osage River Gaming.

Under the current laws in the Missouri Constitution, it only allows riverboats casinos on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Missouri Gaming Commission is also limited to issuing a maximum of 13 casino licenses, which are all currently in use.

Casino supporters want the state to consider expanding gaming to the Ozarks region by amending the constitution and to increase the number of casino permits allowed by at least one.

A voter-initiated ballot referendum in Missouri must obtain a minimum of 170,000 signatures from Missouri residents, and then be verified by the state secretary’s office. If the ballot referendum were successful a simple majority would be needed at the ballot box in November 2024 to amend the Missouri Constitution.

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