Keno Tips

Keno is known to be a game of pure luck, with no particular keno strategy. Of course, there is no strategy to speak of when comparing online keno games with other online casino games such as poker or blackjack. There are those, however, who play according to certain methods that they find work for them, although there are no guarantees. Players should test out their own keno strategy by following some keno tips in order to decide what method of play is best for them.

Popular Methods of Keno Play

Although Keno is a lottery type game, and can be played randomly to similar effect as playing specific methods, many players will choose one of the following methods when playing online keno games:

* Choose numbers that have been coming up most recently and most often. Perhaps the streak of similar numbers will coincide with your lucky streak.
* Choose numbers that have not won for some time, since eventually all numbers are equally likely to come up, and history may well repeat itself and these numbers will come up again.
* Some players like to choose numbers that are consecutive pairs on the keno card, or some such similar pattern because they have had luck with that kind of combination in the past.
* Some playing online keno games will choose one number and stick with it for a number of games. This method is likely to bring either a winning streak or a losing streak to the player.

Again, these keno strategies have no statistics to back them up, but they are nevertheless used and enjoyed by many online keno players. The most important thing for players to remember is that you should have fun when playing keno and choosing your personal keno strategy.

Understanding Your Keno Tickets

It is important for players to understand their tickets in online keno games. There are different kinds of keno tickets, such as multi-race tickets. Each type of keno ticket that is available offers players various advantages and disadvantages. Choose the keno ticket that best suits your needs at the time.

Know the Rules of Online Keno Games

Each online casino site may have slightly different keno rules regarding how winnings should be claimed, various bonus offers, and the limits for both maximum and minimum bets. Players should ensure that they know these rules before placing their first bet.

Stay Alert, Especially in Land-Based Keno Games

Since land-based keno games move at a fast pace, and often have rules regarding collecting winnings, such as that winnings need to be collected before the next game begins, it is very important to remain alert and make sure to collect any winnings that you are owed.

Quit While You Are Ahead

One of the most important keno tips that players can follow is to quit while they ahead, or simply know when to quit. Since online keno games are games of chance, and there is no specific winning keno strategy, it is vital that players stay in control of their finances, and manage their money correctly. Players should decide ahead of time how many games they wish to play, or how much money they are planning to bet, or at least an outer limit of how much they are prepared to lose when playing online keno games.

Online keno games are played very quickly, at an even faster pace than land-based keno games. This means that it is even more important than in most online casino games to keep a close watch on your bankroll since it can be depleted faster than might be expected.

Enjoy or Quit!

The most important keno tip, and best piece of advice that can be offered, is that players should only play online keno games as long as they are enjoying them, and can keep control of their finances. If you stop enjoying keno and find that it is simply a cause for stress, then it is best to stop play immediately, and enjoy another online casino game.

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