Intralot Poised to Enter US Gambling Market

Greek based giant gambling group, Intralot is getting ready to make a significant break into the United States gaming market. The group announced the purchase of a 35% stake in the US based company, CyberArts, with the option of buying 51% of the company in total.

CyberArts currently only offers its services to European markets such as France and Italy, however the company is locally based to ensure that at the time of a change in US gambling regulations, it will be well positioned to grab a significant part of the market. As such, Intralot sees the purchase of a section of CyberArts as a lucrative deal.

Intralot is already fairly well positioned in the US market through the provision of gaming services and infrastructure to the Arkansas state lottery. However, the deal with CyberArts will provide the group with many more options in the long run.

Intralot, which trades on the Athens Stock Exchange, is considered the biggest provider of gambling services to Greece, and the second largest company in the world, with annual revenues of over $1 billion. Intralot specializes in the marketing and operation of lottery, sports betting and internet gambling in over fifty countries around the world.

If and when gambling regulations change in the United States, and the controversial UIGEA is finally laid to rest, Intralot, through its deal with CyberArts will be one step ahead of the competition.

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