History of Online Blackjack

Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years and has always been considered one of the most popular card games around due to its superb combination of elements that include luck, skill, entertainment and rewards. When the world of online gambling burst onto the scene, it was only natural that blackjack would make a smooth transition to this exciting new world.

We examine the history of online blackjack, from its very beginnings.

Where Did Blackjack Originate

While nobody can determine the exact date that blackjack became the game it is today, it is generally presumed that it transformed from an early Middle Ages variant. Games such as One and Thirty, Seven and a Half and others may all have lent modern day blackjack a number of characteristics.

By the late 19th century, the card game Quinze was all the rage, essentially requiring players to reach the number 15 through cards dealt to them. Another form of Quinze, Vingt-Un (meaning 21) brought the game even closer to what we recognize as blackjack today. The original Vingt-un was played in rounds and not against the dealer.

Blackjack Reaches America

After being so popular on the European continent in one way or another over the years, it was only natural that the game would be picked up in the New World as migrants made their way across the sea to the United States. By 1910, the game was officially recorded in a number of casinos, although it was played in private homes and parlors before this date.

Blackjack Picks Up In Popularity In The US

To examine the history of online blackjack, we need to see of how the game metamorphasized at US casinos. American players were not quick to warm to the new game of blackjack, and it took some time before casino owners could make players try out Vignt Un. To get more players to wager on the game, gaming establishments offered perks to their players, one of them being a ten to one payout to any player who managed to land an Ace of Spades and a black Jack. Blackjack thus became the unofficial name of this game, before the name vignt un disappeared into the annals of history.

Blackjack in US legal history

Blackjack, and other gambling pastimes, were always a sore point in US legislative law and the game went through periods of being banned altogether (such as during the Prohibition period) and periods of where it was fully legalized at brick and mortar casinos. In the post Depression years, in order to stimulate the economy in areas such as Nevada, the government allowed blackjack and other card games to be offered in casinos, and the popularity of the game soared once more.

Blackjack Goes Online

After growing into one of the most lucrative games found on any casino floor, it seemed that the popularity of blackjack could not grow any bigger. But when online gambling became a reality in the middle of the 1990’s, the game was transported to online, both around the world and at us online casinos, and became an instant success. This is where the true online blackjack history begins. Suddenly players could access their favorite game from their PCs at any time of day or night, with an entire variety of games at different skill levels and wagering stakes right at their fingertips.

Over time, software companies have created games that are as realistic as they come, with top rewards, jackpots, bonuses and prizes. Players can find online blackjack strategies to help determine whether to play online blackjack against the dealer or in a multiplayer version that offers great entertainment. Blackjack tournaments abound online and this remains one of the most sought after games out there. While online blackjack history may be shrouded in mystery, the future of this game seems very clear indeed.

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