Playing High Stakes Casino Games

When looking for high stakes casino action on the internet, it is important to find one that will give you the best experience as well as the higher maximum bets. We have one casino that offers the best high stakes experience for any VIP player. If you are looking for the best experience for high stakes betting, (previously named Bodog) is without a doubt the best around and they accept US players.

Best High Stakes Online Casino

Look For Trusted Casinos
No matter where you play, the most important thing to consider when gaming online is the reputation of the online casino. There are a lot of shady casinos that may offer higher stakes, but have avoided many of them strictly for trust reasons. What good is winning money if they won’t pay out when you hit?

High Stakes Deposit Options

If you can’t pay, you can’t play. One of the largest hurdles for online players is of course just depositing. The best way for high stakes player to deposit is with American Express, other major credit cards or simply a bank wire. Be sure to read our guide on safe online casino deposits.

VIP Programs

Many are lured to online casino by big deposit bonuses; however the most lucrative incentive is actually a VIP program at the casino. Some will recommend forgoing the deposit bonus and just asking about the rewards program right away. You can contact customer support via email to find out more about the VIP program.

Beware Large Bonuses

There are very few casinos that offer large bonuses. Many of them are to compensate for reputation or overall quality in the gaming experience. Keep in mind, if you do take a sign-up bonus and win with it, make sure that you don’t just simply hit and run (see below). A quick deposit and cash out after a big hit sends up a red flag to the casino for fraud. You may not have done anything wrong, but it is best to avoid that problem by simply letting the money sit for a few days.

Don’t Hit and Run

The biggest problem that online casinos face is fraud, because of that they are very leery of suspicious activity. The hit and run is one that sends up a flag the fastest to a high stakes casino. If you make a big hit, then quickly try to withdraw, chances are the casino will hold your funds to verify the win and deposit to make sure nothing unscrupulous was happening. To avoid this problem, the best thing to do after a big win is to actually let the money sit in the account for a few days, this will ease the online casinos concern of any fraudulent activity and will make your withdraw much easier and end up saving you some time.

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