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eWalletXpress is simply an online ewallet. The most simple way to explain how an ewallet works is to compare it to paypal. It is basically a trusted third party account, where a customer can deposit money to the ewallet account, from there those funds can be used at any merchant that accept that ewallet. In this case we would be referring to ewalletxpress casinos.

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EwalletXpress Review


You will find that the Basic eWalletXpress casino deposit alternative has a flat fee arrangement of $10 per deposit and the Xpress option charges a percentage of 8.8%. The minimums and maximum options will vary depending on the height of your account. Money orders are free of charge and there is a $15 charge per wire through eWallet. This option proves to be a favorite in the deposit options department.

Who it Benefits

If a player does not need funds available right at the moment of deposit, this may be the choice for you. You will also need to deposit more than $200 and be willing to pay a $10 transaction fee; this is yet another reason for higher-end players to take part in this type of deposit. EWalletXpress basically gives those players who need funds in their casino account immediately. Lower limit players should find another option. Middle-limit players can benefit from this option.

How it Works

By going to www.eWalletXpress.com, you will need to register. Once you have done this, you will be able to deposit up to $150 at no cost to you and you may do so by using eCheck. There will now be small amounts deposited and withdrawn over the next few days. Next, you will need to enter these small amounts into your eWalletXpress account; this will validate your account. After your account is validated, you may now deposit money with the basic method. You may also use the xpress method. The eWalletXpress basic casino deposit method takes up to 5 days to credit your account the charge is much less. The eWalletXpress casino deposit method is instantaneous and charges more. Once your funds have been attributed to your ewallet account, you can then place the funds into your casino site located at the cashier’s page. The funds will be available in just a few minutes. Again, the Basic options have a waiting time of 3-4 days.


eWalletXpress is fairly new, arriving in the casino deposit world in 2000; the company is based in Canada. The technology used by this award winning company has set them apart from other eWallet competition. This company accepts money orders, eChecks and wires as a US casino deposit option. The different options also have different minimums and maximums and the fee structures vary.

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