Casino Sucker Bets

Casino players can be very level-headed people, until they either walk into a casino or log in to their favorite online casino.  While some manage to keep their heads about them, others are simply suckered in, which is, of course, just what the casino wants.  Casinos make their money by the house edge they receive on the games that are played.  They make even more money when players make bets on sucker bets.  Sucker bets are so named because they come with very high house edges, and only suckers would make them!  Sucker bets simply have the worst casino odds available.

While some may make sucker bets from lack of knowledge, simply not understanding the bet or the game, others get carried away and take chances with their gambling money.  For those who wish to avoid making casino sucker bets, read on.

Side Bets

As a general rule, it is always best to avoid any side bets that are offered.  Side bets look attractive and gimmicky, and are sure losers for the casino player, providing the worst casino odds.  Mathematically, side bets have been proven to give the house a greater edge.  Gimmicky side bets are a casino’s way of selling you that something extra that you really do not need, in the same way that a salesman will convince a customer to buy something extra to go with a larger purchase that is largely useless.

Well-Known Casino Sucker Bets

Insurance on Blackjack Hands

Although blackjack offers some of the best odds in a casino, side bets, such as blackjack insurance are best avoided.  The insurance bet is offered to blackjack players when the dealer is showing an Ace.  In case the dealer will turn up a picture card from the deck, the player is allowed to bet half their original bet as insurance.  If the dealer does indeed turn up a picture card, and obtains a blackjack, the bettor will receive a payout on their insurance bet of 2:1.  The amount of money that you can win back if the dealer does have a blackjack, is the amount that would be equal in value to your original bet, if you bet the full 50% allowed.  Although the insurance bet could, on occasion, save the player some money, in the long run, it is a sure loser.  The reason this bet should not be taken is because statistics show that it is not worthwhile.  To simplify the explanation, let’s look at one suite of cards instead of at the whole deck.  There are four cards per suite that could help the dealer make a blackjack, and nine cards that will not.  The odds that are being offered are 8:4, or 2:1, while the true odds show that it should really be 9:4.  Although these odds can vary slightly depending on what cards the player is holding, the blackjack insurance bet will still be to the advantage of the house.

The best advice that a player can receive on this bet is “Never take insurance!”

Other Sucker Bets

Now that you understand the concept of a sucker bet, below is a quick list of sucker bets to avoid.
Keno games have one of the highest house edges in a casino.  It is generally best to avoid this game entirely.

* The Big Six, or Wheel of Fortune has a house edge of between 11 and 24 percent. 
* Even if the Wheel of Fortune dealer is nice an friendly as you enter the casino, the best thing to do is walk straight past this games
* Craps center bets give the house between an 11 and 16 percent edge.  There are many other craps bets that carry far better odds
* The baccarat tie bet carries a house edge of more than 14 percent.
* Never play roulette on a double zero wheel.  The chances of winning are drastically reduced when compared with a singe zero wheel.


One of the best indicators of sucker bets is that the payout is high.  The higher the payout, the less likely a win will be.

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