Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

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Caribbean Stud poker is a version of poker that is not played in the same way that a regular poker game is played, although the poker hands are used for scoring. Caribbean Stud poker is a table game that is found in both land-based and online casinos. Essentially, online Caribbean Stud poker is somewhat like a playing on a slot machine, although it is played with other people, and with cards. No cards can be swapped, as is done in regular online poker. In online Caribbean Stud poker, the player plays his hand against the dealer. (See also other game strategy for casino sites).

What Influences Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

House Edge: The house edge for online Caribbean Stud poker equals 5.25 percent, when the standard rules of the game apply. While this amount does not sound so high, it means that for each $100 wagered, it is possible to lose $5.25.

No Bluffing: There is no concept of bluffing when it comes to Caribbean Stud poker, since your hand is played open instead of closed.

Dealers Cards: The dealer has one card that is face up. This is the only information that the players will know about the dealer’s hand. Around 42% of the time, the dealer is dealt a pair or better.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Although there is not much that can be done about the hands that are dealt in online Caribbean Stud poker, there is some strategy that helps players to keep some control and to keep the house edge to the minimum amount possible.

The main question that players need to ask themselves when an online Caribbean Stud poker hand is dealt, is whether to raise the hand, or simply to fold the hand.

Fold and Lose Ante: When a player folds their hand, they will lose their ante bet.

Raise and Win Ante: There are times when the player raises their bet, but all that they win is the ante. This is the case when the dealer does not qualify, and the hand is not played.

Raise and Win Ante and Raise Bet: There are times when the player raises their bet, and win both the ante and the raised bet. This is the case when the dealer has qualified, and the player has also had the luck to beat the dealer’s hand.

Raise and Lose Ante and Raise Bet: There are times when the player raises their bet, and then lose both the ante bet and their raised bet. This is the case when the dealer has qualified, and the player’s hand has been beaten by the dealer’s hand.

Tips for Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Generally, it is considered best to raise when you have any pair, or anything greater than that. It is considered best to fold when you have anything that is less than A-K. Other suggested strategies say that it is best to fold on a hand that has either small pairs and A-K hands. Those that follow this strategy only play hands that are more likely to win. However, it is often better strategy to play small pairs and A-K hands against the dealer’s hand.

Raise if you have a Q-K-A or a J-K-A in your hand if the dealer is holding either an Ace or a King as their face up card. If you are holding a card of the same value that the dealer is showing face up (anything from a two up to a Queen), many feel that this would be a good time to raise since the statistical probability of the dealer making a pair with the number they are holding is less likely since you are holding one of its partners.

When the dealer shows any low card, such as a two through five, and the player has Q-K-A, some strategy suggests that the player raises as though they are ahead of the K-A hands. These hands will also beat any non-qualifying hands of the dealer.

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