Casinos – Canadian Dollar Currency

It can be a headache to try to make a deposit at an online casino with Canadian dollars. Although some sites simply do not accept that type of currency, most websites (including our featured ones) simply convert the funds into United States dollars during or before the transaction. By simply multiplying Canadian dollars by the conversion rate, you can see how much you are really depositing into a Casino.

For Example: You wish to deposit $1,500 Canadian Dollars into a casino account. Multiply $1,500 by 1.02 to get $1,530. So, although you are depositing $1,500 in Canadian dollars into an account, the actual deposit is $1,530 in United States Dollars. However, if you expect to receive $1,530 USD as a withdrawal to Canadian Dollars, you would actually receive $1,500 instead of the United States amount (simply divide instead of multiply).

Best Casinos Accepting Canadian Dollars

Using Canadian Dollars
Obviously, residents of Canada have bank accounts and credit cards that appear in Canadian Dollars. Many people prefer to continue to use this currency internationally to avoid confusion about deposits and withdrawals. While none of our sponsored sites allow transactions to remain in Canadian Dollars, more sites are constantly emerging to handle this problem.

At any casino that does not accept the Canadian Dollar as is, you must either convert the sum through your payment method or plan for it to be adjusted on the banking page of your gambling website. When using a credit card or ewallet, this will be done before the money is sent and there will be no issues with the site.

Fees and Costs

Normally, casino websites that offer currency conversion will perform this service for free. However, alternative payment methods (namely ewallets) often charge a fee to perform this service before the money is sent. It is often best to plan for this fee by sending money that covers both the fee and the initial deposit amount. These fees are usually very minor depending on the amount of money you are sending.

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