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What is the best online casino bonus? The answer depends on the type of casino player you are, how often you play and the types of games you prefer. Each bonus aims to maximize the experience and enjoyment for the player. Typically, the more you deposit, the bigger your potential bonus. But learning the types of casino specials and how they work is important to set expectations of what each bonus means and how you can collect the full value.

Types of casino bonuses

Casino sites offer welcome bonuses for new players and free bonuses, also known as no deposit bonuses, for fans wanting to try it out. There are monthly bonuses, which are basically loyalty programs, as well as high roller bonuses to reward ‘big’ players. You can also secure game specific bonuses, which means a bonus to play craps or an incentive to try blackjack, for example. Check out the details below.

Welcome bonus

Just like it sounds, a casino welcome bonus is a nice boost of cash when you become a customer and make a deposit. And depending on the casino site, this can be double or triple your deposit, up to thousands of dollars in bonus cash as you start to play. Casinos are competing for your business and offer these incentives to convince you, but its just one factor that you should consider before signing up. Make sure you read the rules and conditions associated with the welcome bonus, so you know how it works and when you can use it.

You may see a welcome bonus of 200% up to $500. This means the maximum bonus is $500, so if you deposit $250, you would get two times that amount in bonus. So your $250 deposit turns into $750 in your online casino account. Of course you need to play with that bonus and there are rules concerning who much you need to wager before being able to withdraw the funds – that is only fair. But it’s a great to boost your bankroll so you can play more games and experience the site.

Some casino sites offer cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals and these can be the quickest and easiest transactions with the lowest fees. Casinos also often offer special bitcoin bonuses to players, even Bitcoin Exclusive Memberships.

No Deposit bonus

When you are looking for a chance to win some real money without making a deposit with your own cash, the no deposit bonus is a fan favorite. These are typically reserved for new customers or existing customers who have not played for a long time. It’s not the same as a free-play site where you sign up for free and can play for free, but never qualify to win real money. It’s an incentive to get players to sample the casino site’s games and customer service, in hopes they become a full-fledged customer. All you need to do is set up an account to qualify for the free cash.

Loyalty program bonus

Every company offers specials for customers, whether its a monthly 10% off coupon to buy shoes or chances to win free stuff. Online casino sites are no different and casino loyalty programs are popular and meaningful. These often take the form of a monthly perk or bonus or chance to play games for free. The more you play, the more offers you may qualify for. If you hit an unlucky stretch, a loyalty program bonus is often there to pick you up and give you a chance to keep enjoying the site with free spins or offers to try a new game.

Seasonal bonuses around American Thanksgiving, Super Bowl or other holidays are common. Many casino sites will also offer VIP points to regulars and these can be used to enter contests or tournaments where they can win real money and experience new games.

High Roller bonus & VIP programs

Regular players and a high-income individuals who loves casino games are also eligible for high roller bonuses. They are also known as VIP programs and customer service reps will identify and invite new players who meet the criteria. Why offer special, higher bonuses and perks to these players? Casino sites want to cater to these players and offer a range of special perks, so the rewards start flowing after a few deposits. This can be larger bonus amounts and more access to premium games and tournaments. In some cases, high rollers can be rewarded with gifts or trips.

Game Specific Casino bonus

If you play exclusively blackjack, casino sites will find ways to offer you bonuses that are specific to blackjack. Same deal for roulette or slots. Now, casino sites will also offer access to new games as they launch, in hopes players will try them out. So players may see a bonus to play a specific new game. This can be a cash encouragement to keep playing the games players already love and also to encourage players to expand their horizons and sample other games.