Online Backgammon Strategy

Even though the moves in backgammon are dictated by the roll of the dice, backgammon is a game that involves considerable skill. Hence understanding and learning backgammon strategy is of paramount importance. However, backgammon strategy is not something that can be easily learned. It can take months and even years of playing backgammon to be perfect in backgammon strategy.

Opening Move Strategy

Fortunately, backgammon software is sufficiently advanced and easily available. Therefore the first of the backgammon tips is that players should try and learn backgammon strategy online. One of the key issues of online backgammon strategy is opening moves. If the player makes a mistake upfront he will not be able to salvage his position against a good player. Online backgammon strategy specifies the correct opening moves for various dice combinations. A very important backgammon tip is to memorize these opening moves and adhere to them because they are time tested. With a 3-1 roll the correct backgammon strategy is to make the 5 point. With a 6-5 roll the backgammon strategy is to run a back checker all the way. A player will make the first move roughly only half the times, therefore, an integral part of the opening backgammon strategy is responding to backgammon opening moves.

Mid-Game Strategy

The online backgammon strategy for the mid-game becomes difficult to describe. This is easiest done by providing backgammon tips of how to tackle commonly occurring situations. One of the backgammon tips is to divide the checkers evenly among the points occupied. It is preferable to have 3 checkers each on two points instead of having 4 checkers on one point and 2 checkers on the other. Only in rare cases is it acceptable to have 6 checkers on a point. More than 6 checkers on one point should be avoided. A more even distribution gives players more options with their moves.


Another of the backgammon tips is related to exposure. Exposure is the shots that a player leaves that are vulnerable to attack. Early in the game it is essential to leave shots in order to establish a strong offense or defense. However, if the opponent’s home board is stronger the player has to be more cautious about leaving shots because then it will be difficult to re-enter after being hit. On the other hand if the player controls the opponent’s home board then he can be more aggressive and leave more shots. If the player is in the lead by a significant margin then he should restrict his exposure so as not to give his opponent a chance to catch up. The backgammon strategy is to limit the number of blots to 4.

Blocking and Priming

Blocking and priming backgammon tips are very important. The player should build points without gaps between them in front of the opponent’s checkers in their home board. He should establish these critical points as soon as possible. One important objective of online backgammon strategy is to establish a prime, which consists of 6 points in a row. This prevents the opponent from escaping.


There are several backgammon tips on hitting. Players must first try and hit those checkers that are most advanced and have the potential to become an important point. The player should not hit for the sake of hitting. There are some occasions when it is unwise to hit. For example the player may gain a stronger position by making a point rather than hitting an opponent’s checker. In some cases hitting may leave the player more vulnerable.


Anchoring is establishing a defensive point called anchor in the opponent’s home board. In the early stages of the game it is advantageous to establish anchors on the higher points like 20 and 21. However, if the player is in a losing position the backgammon strategy says that it is better to establish anchors on the lower points. Overall it is more prudent to establish anchors on adjacent points.

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