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The legal disputes regarding online gambling between the government and casino operators has largely contribute to the difficulty that some US players often encounter when trying to make deposits to online casinos. Thankfully, many casino websites on the internet have recognized this problem and built their software to address such issues. If you are at a loss for finding the best way to make deposits to online casinos while living in the United States, you have come to the right place.

  • VISA-MasterCard
    Visa and MasterCard

    VISA and MasterCard are without a doubt the most popular credit cards used for online gaming and casinos. They are taken by all casinos that we recommend.

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  • american-express
    American Express

    American Express, otherwise known as Amex is the second most popular credit card deposit option for US casino players. It is a favorite among high roller casino players and is known for having high acceptance rates.

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  • discover
    Discover Card

    Discover Card only has a few sites that accept it, but it has a reputation of working smoothly at these casino sites.

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  • DinersClub,-JCB

    Diners Club and JCB are perhaps lesser known credit cards in the United States and are generally accepted at the same casinos as Visa and MasterCard. They are a dependable credit card deposit option for USA players.

  • usemywallet

    Another fast payment method based on wire transfers is the replacement for EcoCard in the United States. Many gamblers on the internet use this banking option as their primary method of depositing funds into an their account.

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  • ewalet-express

    eWalletXpress is one of the favorite methods among players in the U.S. because it allows you to transfer money from your checking account into an online gambling account via an electronic check. It is simple to use and full of security features that protect your money as it finds its way into your gambling account.

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  • bankwire
    Bank Wire/Transfer

    Nearly all USA casino sites accept bank wires/transfers. Sometimes it is not available directly through the online cashier and you may have to contact the customer service via phone or email to initiate the transaction. It is a favorite for higher stakes players because it allows you to move large sums of money at once.

  • westernunion
    Western Union

    Western Union is an indirect wire method, where a player can fund a wire transfer between Western Union and a US online casino. The transaction will show up on statements between Western Union and your preferred internet casino.

  • echeck

    eCheck works by drawing money from your bank account and depositing it into your online gambling account. It works much like a wire transfer but comes with safety procedures that prevent your account information from being intercepted by criminals. Many players from the United States use eCheck as their primary deposit method because of its ease of use, security and the deposit bonuses that often come with eCheck deposits.

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  • pic-club
    PIC-Club Casino Sites

    PIC Club was created after the passage of the UIGEA with the express purpose of making a safe, fast and reliable deposit method that was UIGEA compliant. This deposit is basically an ewallet, but with a unique twist. It is set up as an ‘investment’ account that actually accrues interest on the balance.

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  • 900-Pay

    One of the most creative ways to deposit that we have seen is 900 pay. The concept is that you can make deposits into casinos and that deposit is charged to your phone bill as a 900 number charge as if you were calling any other 1-900 number. The downside to this deposit is that it limits deposits to only $150 per calendar month. But for the casual online casino player that plays lower stakes, it is a great deposit method.

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  • gold-pay
    Gold Pay

    Goldpay is a relatively new US deposit method and is relatively unique. It can be classified with ewallets, but the currency that is held is actually gold based and denominated in USD. Like all ewallets, it allows you to deposit to your goldpay account using various deposit methods, then you are free to transfer those funds to any casino website that accepts GoldPay.

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U.S. Casino deposits have become more difficult in the recent years following the passage of the UIGEA, but companies are continuing to find ways to provide methods of deposit for US players. We will continue to stay on top of casino deposit options for players within the U.S., be sure to check back for updates.

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