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There are very few online casinos that accept Discover Card from players that reside in the United States. Upon contacting the site on our list that does accept Discover, they said that it does carry a high rejection rate and it was always better to use another payment method. However, these are the most reputable US casino sites that accept the Discover Card deposit option.

Casino Sites with DC
  • Currently, there are no reputable online casinos accepting Discover. Please, check back for updates.
Deposit Option
Alternative Deposit Options

Discover Card Deposit

Fees and Costs

Most online gambling sites impose the exact same cost to making a Discover Card deposit or withdrawal as they do with the more popular Visa or Mastercard. On many sites, this is a modest percentage of the total transferable funds. For this reason, be sure that you are aware of the fees that will be charged to your card before making a deposit or withdrawal.

Who Should Use Discover Card?

People that do not want to use an additional deposit method and value high deposit limits and transaction speed will be well served by using their Discover Card at an online casino. Many people tend to use their Discover Card during the weekend when direct transfers from their bank account may be impossible. Many people like the cash back rewards that Discover Card is noted for.

Using Your Discover Card at Online Casinos

Your Discover Card information is entered at an online casino exactly like a Visa or Mastercard. You need to have an account with your chosen online casino before submitting your card information for your deposit. If your card is rejected, most sites ask that you contact customer service to verify the reason. Many transactions can ultimately pushed through if the necessary funds are present in your account.

You will need to have your card with you at the time of purchase to enter the information. Most sites require the additional security number printed on the card in addition to the card number and expiration date to verify that you are indeed in possession of the card. This is an added security feature to prevent the electronic theft of your information.


Unfortunately, Discover Card and online gambling have always had a sort of love-hate relationship. Ever since the well covered 2001 California lawsuit of a man that racked up over $70,000 in online gambling debt on his discover and American express cards, it has been forbidden for online casinos to accept Discover in California. Now, other states seem to be following suit. This was not a decision by the state, but rather the credit card company.

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