Blackjack Dealer Bust Percentages

When playing blackjack, it is possible to make playing decisions with knowledge based that is based on the cards that can be seen. Although the knowledge you have is only a partial amount of knowledge, and not the full story, you can most certainly make an educated choice of how best to play by basing your decision on blackjack bust percentages.

The knowledge that players do have is the two cards that they have been dealt, and the dealer’s up card value. Obviously, you do not know what hole card the dealer has, and you cannot tell what card will next be drawn from the shoe.

It’s Simply Math

Computer simulations have shown that basic blackjack strategy is able to be based on simple mathematics. By following mathematical strategy, it is possible for a player to effectively reduce the house edge to a very low percentage. In order to make use of this kind of blackjack strategy, players will base any decisions they make on their own two cards, and the dealer’s up card. Players can make good decisions as to whether they should stand, hit, or double down, based on the cards that they can see.

For those less experienced blackjack players, they may be wondering what it means to go bust in blackjack. Going bust is when either the player or the dealer’s hand goes over the maximum total of 21 points. Going bust means that you immediately lose that hand. It may be clearer at this point why a decision needs to be made based on blackjack bust percentages.

Dealer Bust Percentages and How to Use Them

For the dealer, likely blackjack bust cards are when the dealer is showing a 5 and a 6, which has been followed by a 4. This kind of hand is one of the worst hands as far as the dealer is concerned. When a dealer shows a hand with a 5 or a 6, they have a blackjack bust percentage of 42%, and a blackjack bust percentage of 40% when they are showing a 4. In order to use this information for your blackjack strategy, you would more likely double down in a case where the dealer shows a 4, a 5 or a 6.

The least likely blackjack bust cards for the dealer are the 9, the 10, and the Ace. It is important to remember that even if both the dealer and the player go bust, the player will still lose his hand. This means that even though the blackjack bust percentages show how often the house will go bust, which helps to work out how many times the house will win, the actual percentage of wins by the house is greater, since the house also wins when both the dealer and the player go bust.

The following list shows the dealer’s card number alongside the dealer’s bust percentage:

2 comes with a 35% bust percentage
3 comes with a 37% bust percentage
4 comes with a 40% bust percentage
5 comes with a 42% bust percentage
6 comes with a 42% bust percentage
7 comes with a 26% bust percentage
8 comes with a 24% bust percentage
9 comes with a 23% bust percentage
10 comes with a 23% bust percentage
Ace comes with a 17% bust percentage

It is important to know that while blackjack bust percentages are useful in making more informed choices for your blackjack strategy, they should only be used in conjunction with basic blackjack strategy, as a tool to confirm decisions that will be made. When you can master basic blackjack strategy in conjunction with the knowledge of blackjack dealer bust percentages, you will be able to lower the house edge considerably.

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