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900 Pay is a popular form of online casino deposit method. 900 Pay casinos is certainly the answer for many US online casino players, since the money does not need to pass through a bank account. 900 Pay is a safe and secure deposit method that is done via the user’s land-based telephone number. The service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The users personal information remains safe, since the only information that needs to be given to the online casino in order to make a deposit is the telephone number of the player wishing to make a deposit.

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  • Currently, there are no reputable online casinos accepting 900 Pay. Please, check back for updates.
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900 Pay Deposit Review


There is a 15% fee that is charged when using the 900Pay account.


This form of depositing is especially useful for those players from the United States, who may experience difficulties using other casino deposit methods. It is only useful for those with their own land-based telephone lines. Since it is not possible to make withdrawals using this method, those who wish to use it will need to ensure that they have another withdrawal method that is acceptable to them via their online casino.


In order to use this method, the player wishing to make a deposit will first need to make sure that they are able to make telephone calls to 1-900 numbers. US citizens can call 1-900-993-4141 (toll-free) to check whether they have access to 1-900 numbers. If their telephone has blocked this service, they will need to have the block removed. The block can only be removed by the owner of the land-based telephone line. When making a purchase, such as topping up your online casino account, simply click on the 900Pay logo on the website, and follow the instructions, which will include filling in the amount of money you wish to deposit, and your home telephone number. There is a limit of $150 that can be spent per calendar month, which includes online casino deposits and any other purchases that are made on the Internet by the user. Purchases and online casino deposits will be billed on your next telephone billing cycle.


900Pay is a service that is offered by eWalletXpress. It is a patented service from Navaho Networks Inc., which is run out of Canada. It can be used at all online casinos that offer 900Pay as a payment option, as well at other merchant sites. The service was developed as an alternative to using credit cards to make online purchases.

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